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ften had epileptic seizures after age 18," recalls his mother, Qi Zhiying."He's an adult.▓ But it's difficult for him to be independent, to have a job▓ and

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Introducing Pink Round

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to adjust to new environments."She worries he may be injured without his family's protect?/p>

坕on.She believes his ideal job would be to run a calligraphy studio in his home in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region's Ordos.Such NGOs as the red-brick Autistic or Autistic Art studio in Beijing's 798 are also working to assist the children and alleviate parents' concerns.Income sourcesBrightly colored paintings by artistica

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lly talented children and adults with autism from around the country line the walls of the lobby. Bags, bottles and phone cases

printed with the paint▓ings line a shelf."We help them sell the paintings and m▓ake creative products using their works," studio co-fo

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OCT 20, 2048
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OCT 12, 2048
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